Athlete Nomination Criteria

Required Criteria:

  1. Must have at least one Jewish parent (mother or father), consider himself or herself to be Jewish, and/or have completed conversion.
  2. Must be born and/or raised in Michigan or spent no less than 4 years in Michigan

Criteria taken into consideration – Must have accomplish at least one of the following:


  1. Elected into major sports Hall of Fame in his/her sport.
  2. Has been recognized in the State of Michigan for making a significant contribution in his/her sport.
  3. Won a National Championship, World Championship, or Major Title in his/her sport.
  4. Had a successful career as a professional athlete.
  5. Won a Division I Michigan State Championship in his/her sport.
  6. Received Division I All-State honors in Michigan for his/her sport (All-Region, All-Metro, All-County, All-Area, All-Conference awards will also be considered).
  7. Was drafted professionally in his/her sport.
  8. Received a college scholarship in his/her sport (Division I, II, III, Junior College, NAIA)
  9. A premiere high school athlete who could not continue in his/her sport due to circumstances above and beyond his/her control, such as war or injury.

Candidates not elected to the Hall of Fame are automatically placed on the following year’s ballot. If a candidate is not elected in seven (7) years, his or her name is removed from the ballot and becomes eligible for election by the Veteran’s Committee. If the Veteran’s Committee does not select the nominee for inclusion, the name will be withdrawn from any further consideration unless, after a one-year waiting period, the nomination form is updated and resubmitted.

Veteran’s Committee

The Board of Directors is authorized to elect one person each year into the Hall of Fame, based upon the recommendation of the Veteran’s Committee. Candidates to be considered for election into the Hall of Fame by the Veterans Committee shall be those candidates who have been on the ballot for seven (7) years and not elected by the HoF Selection Committee. Should the Veteran’s Committee recommend a candidate, he or she must be formally approved for election by the Michigan Jewish Sports Foundation’s Board of Governors by way of a majority vote.

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DEADLINE: May 31, 2024

For further questions please contact:
Donald Rudick – Executive Director
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