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For further questions contact:
Don Rudick, Executive Director
(248) 390-5981 or email at [email protected]

DUE BY JUNE 3, 2024

Corporate Office
6632 Telegraph Road, #304
Bloomfield Hills, MI 4830 48301
Phone: 248-390-5981

The Michigan Jewish Sports Foundation pledges to protect the privacy rights of the applicants and their families. Please be assured that this application, as well as all other documentation that is collected in the course of the scholarship process, will not be shared with any agency or individuals, other than with the members of the MJSF Stars of Tomorrow Scholarship Selection Committee. All applications and other documents submitted by the applicants will be shredded and discarded after selection is completed.

In applying for this scholarship, the applicant and his/her family understands that all decisions of the Scholarship Committee are final and further agrees to hold harmless MJSF Stars of Tomorrow, members of the Scholarship Program and the Selection Committee for its decisions.

The Michigan Jewish Sports Foundation is a 501(c)(3) philanthropic organization committed to the support of cancer charities and bettering the lives of children.